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1296 Coppet
Tel. : +41 22 960 03 91

Development & Related Services

UBIK SA specialises in development, support and consulting across various industries.
Our engineers can operate and manage the entire system development lifecycle (SDLC) but are also able to intervene at any development stage from initiation to final testing.
Our services are executed in a workmanlike fashion and we use the most recent methods of development, always respecting technology standards and those of our clients.

Areas of Expertise

Object Oriented Development

  • JAVA (Servlets, EJB, JDO...)
  • XML

Relational Databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL-Server
  • Oracle
  • MS-Access

Internet and Intranet

  • Website Implementation and Maintenance
  • Java Servlet Technology
  • JPA Java Persistence API
  • Apache
  • Tomcat


  • Java
  • XML
  • Pascal
  • Fortran
  • VB & VBA

Other Areas

Small and medium-sized undertakings & office automation for companies and clubs

UBIK SA helps its clients to define their exact needs in order to write clear and precise specifications which are the basis for coherent and rational automation.

Further we are able to manage the entire implementation: hardware, hosting and website maintenance.