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CAROL: Court Administration & Reservation On Line

On-line Reservation Software for Sports and Education Facilities

Try booking with CAROL!

Carol kiosk

This demonstration system is set-up with a certain number of limitations for various types of taker/member:

  • Members are limited to 5 bookings.
  • Adults can reserve 14 days in advance; juniors 7.
  • During the week (Mon-Fri), in the evening the juniors need an adult to reserve. (They cannot play between themselves)
  • During the weekends and the holidays, teachers are not allowed to book.

Colour Key:

  • Court booked (partially or totally)
  • Court free for advanced booking (fixed hours)
  • Court free in dynamic mode for same-day (no gaps)

How to book:

  1. Choose the day
  2. Choose the court
  3. Click on the desired period
  4. Input the number (Identification) of one of the players from the list below

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Takers definition

Last name First name Name displayed Identification Type
A Agassi Andre A.Agassi 504 I.T.F.
Amaudruz Charles C.Amaudruz 123 Adult
B Bally Pierre-Alain PA.Bally 45 Adult
Bassi Salvatore S.Bassi 97 Adult
Baumgartner Andreas A.Baumgartner 98 Adult
Beachill Lee L.Beachill 511 Adult
Bernasconi Luigi L.Bernasconi 58 Adult
Bianchetti Davide D.Bianchetti 515 Adult
Blum Isaac I.Blum 62 Adult
Boccacio Giovanni G.Boccacio 63 Adult
Bolivar Simon S.Bolivar 64 Adult
Bolomey Armand A.Bolomey 96 Adult
Bolomey Francis F.Bolomey 95 Junior
C Caesar Julius J.Caesar 48 Adult
Campion Cassie C.Campion 41 Adult
Chambaz Philippe P.Chambaz 12 Adult
Chaplin Charles Charlot 65 Adult
Ciafaroni Antonio A.Ciafaroni 93 Junior
Clément Arnaud A.Clément 508 I.T.F.
Clément Marcel M.Clément 94 Adult
Clinton William B.Clinton 101 Adult
Closed Closed 11 Staff
Collet Daniel D.Collet 2 Adult
Croft Lara L.Croft 71 Adult
D Djokovic Novak N.Djokovic 37 I.T.F.
Dalton Bill Bl.Dalton 19 Adult
Dalton Bob Bb.Dalton 18 Junior
Dalton Emmett E.Dalton 16 Adult
Dalton Grat G.Dalton 17 Adult
Darwish Karim K.Darwish 512 Adult
Eyles Rodney R.Eyles 30 Adult
F Federer Roger R.Federer 500 I.T.F
Gallet Bertrand B.Gallet 518 Adult
Gates William B.Gates 52 Adult
Gong Ruina R.Gong 38 Adult
Grobety Germaine G.Grobety 99 Adult
Grosjean Sébastien S.Grosjean 506 I.T.F.
H Hediard Jean J.Hediard 60 Junior
Hediard Laurent L.Hediard 61 Adult
Heisenberg Werner W.Heisenberg 66 Adult
Hugo Victor V.Hugo 49 Junior
I Interclub Ladies Interclub.Ladies 5 Interclub
Interclub Gentlemen Interclub Gentlemen 4 Interclub
J Jones Indiana I.Jones 100 Adult
Jones Mike Teach.Jones 9 Teacher
Joyce Leilani L.Joyce 42 Adult
Jun Sun S.Jun 520 Adult
K Kent Clark Superman 200 Adult
Khan Gengis Temoudjin 205 Adult
Khan Jahangir Jg.Khan 32 Adult
Khan Jansher Js.Khan 31 Adult
Kournikova Anna A.Kournikova 43 I.T.F.
L Lacoste René R.Lacoste 44 Adult
Laver Rod R.Laver 21 I.T.F.
Ledoux Robert R.Ledoux 202 Adult
Ledur Alfred A.Ledur 203 Adult
Lincou Thierry T.Lincou 510 Adult
Location Location Location 1000 Location
Lopez José J.Lopez 92 Adult
M Mac Callum Chris C.McCallum 54 Junior
Mac Callum John J.McCallum 53 Adult
Mac Callum Leila L.McCallum 56 Adult
Mac Callum Ruth R.McCallum 55 Junior
Maintenance Maintenance 3 Staff
Martin Camilla C.Martin 36 Adult
Meigniez Paul P.Meigniez 3644055 Adult
Moya Carlos C.Moya 505 I.T.F.
Müller Hans H.Müller 76 Adult
N N'Gomba Robert R.N'Gomba 82 Adult
Nadal Rafael R.Nadal 10 I.T.F.
Nicol Peter P.Nicol 39 Adult
Nicolo Massimo M.Nicolo 83 Adult
Nicolo Rosa R.Nicolo 84 Adult
P Power Jonathon J.Power 40 Adult
Roddick Andy A.Roddick 502 I.T.F.
S Safin Marat M.Safin 503 I.T.F.
Sampras Pete P.Sampras 20 I.T.F.
Schiavo Paola P.Schiavo 57 Adult
Schneebeli François F.Schneebeli 1 Adult
Smith Robert Teach.Smith 7 Teacher
Stone Sharon S.Stone 78 Adult
Stucky Betty B.Stucky 89 Adult
Stucky Eric E.Stucky 90 Adult
Studmann Ami A.Studmann 88 Adult
T Tacchini Cesare C.Tacchini 81 Adult
Tan Aaron A.Tan 516 Adult
Taylor Steve S.Taylor 46 Adult
Tosolini Vito V.Tosolini 86 Adult
Vattier Tatiana T.Vattier 519 Adult
W Wang Ray R.Wang 77 Junior
Wawrinka Stanislas S.Wawrinka 501 I.T.F.
White John J.White 509 Adult
Williams Serena S.Williams 80 I.T.F.
Williams Venus V.Williams 79 I.T.F.
Wong Choong Hann CH.Wong 35 Adult
Woolf Virginia V.Woolf 70 Adult
Y Youssef Samira S.Youssef 85 Junior
Yuedong Yu Y.Yuedong 521 Adult
Yujia Li L.Yujia 517 Adult
Z Zajaczkowski Mathias M.Zajaczkowski 47 Adult
Zaman Mansoor M.Zaman 514 Adult
Zimmermann Johann J.Zimmermann 204 Adult

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