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CAROL: Court Administration & Reservation On Line

On-line Reservation Software for Sports and Education Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Carol kiosk



What is the price of a kiosk ?

The kiosk is basically a PC. Its price will depend upon the access you want to allow on this PC. If it is under supervision and you fully trust your members, you can leave the access to it via a standard keyboard and mouse. However, that means that anyone can use it for other purposes, such as Internet browsing.

Among other alternatives, we can mention:

Barcode Reader

Magellan 1000i

This identifies the user based upon the information on the member card. Desired functions on the screen can be accessed with a mouse; the keyboard is not accessible or necessary to members.

Such a device provided by Ubik would cost approximately £ 300.00.

Fingerprint reader

MSO Morpho 300

Biometric authentication is the only 100% reliable way to identify the member.

A fingerprint reader provided by Ubik costs £ 600.00


The keyboard and the mouse are hidden in a drawer and the only access is via the touch-screen. In this case, the kiosk can be set up so that only booking operations are allowed.

Numeric Keypad

The use of a numeric keypad, with only numeric and some navigation keys (left, right, validate) to allow field navigation on the screen and entering a password.
Cheap solution but offers less comfort than a Touch-Screen.

A real terminal

When the PC is dedicated exclusively to reservation, it is possible, via Windows, to transform it into a real kiosk where only Carol is available and no other functions are accessible.

This configuration, including on-site installation is offered for an all-inclusive price of approximately £ 400.00.

What is the difference between a standard and an advanced booking ?

A standard (same-day) booking is a request to book the first available period on the given court. It can only be done for the current day.
An advanced booking is a reservation that is requested some hours or days in advance.
The periods allowed for advanced bookings are defined by the CAROL Administrator.

Is it possible to modify or to cancel a reservation ?

To cancel a reservation you select it and provide your identification. You can cancel your reservation up until the beginning of its start time, unless a specific cancellation period has been defined by the CAROL Administrator.
It's not possible to modify a reservation. If you want to change a booking, you'll have to cancel it and to make a new one.

Can the reservation grid accept 2 or 4 players for the same period?

Of course; you just select the existing reservation (with one or more takers) and add your name to it (as for a new booking). Your name will then appear along with the other takers.
The CAROL Administrator has the possibility to define different period durations depending upon the number of takers (singles/doubles).
For example the singles duration (2 players) could be 60 mins and the doubles (4 players) could be 90 mins. In such a case the reservation period would increase from 60 to 90 mins as soon as the 4th player joins the group.
N.B. this feature is only possible in standard booking mode (as opposed to advanced booking mode where the duration is pre-defined) and provided that there is no reservation that immediately follows.

Can a member be prevented from booking ?

To reserve, the taker has to be enabled.
This is achieved by a simple click on the corresponding check box. The CAROL Administrator can similarly suspend a given member at any time.
The import of member data from CLASS does this automatically for members who may have forgotten to pay their fees.

How can I change the language ?

Simply click on a flag located at the bottom left of the reservation grid.